Being a citizen of a country ensures you the freedoms and protection entitled to us by the constitution for example, voting and speech. It instills a sense of community and being united with other Americans so they can support you on issues. You have the duty to represent your country and live up to the constitution. You must follow laws of our country and obtain the knowledge needed in order to be a fully functioning citizen. As a citizen you must be able to participate in elections and educate yourself on the issues of today. On the other hand, citizenship is just a legality because rights of American citizens are violated on a daily basis such as, gun control, censorship of speech, and healthcare. Also, there are illegal aliens in this country that in some cases benefit more than our citizens. There are immigrants who are receiving jobs over unemployed Americans because they will work for less money. Citizenship just requires people to pay more to the government in taxes.

Yes there is such a thing as a civic duty. One of the most important duties is the right to vote. Participating in voting is the most common way to practice democracy. In other countries religion is tied to civic duties such as traditions, holidays and fasting. Another civic duty is to help one another in an effort to educate each other on issues. Other civic duties could include abiding by the laws, treating your neighbor as you would want to be treated and to contribute economically to society. If you have pride in your country you should go out of your way to help out your fellow Americans. However, with racism, bullying and stereotypes it is hard to believe that civic duties exist. Peoples beliefs will override nationalism.


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