As of now my major is undecided, however I am leaning towards Computer Science. I would like to study this because I am interested in programming and the functions of a computer. I believe that if I follow through with this major I will eventually have a successful and rewarding career. I am always using a computer for numerous activities, so why not journey further into how it functions. In the future with my computer science degree, I hope to participate in reducing the number of cyber criminals and hackers around the world. Hopefully one day I will work for the FBI and strengthen their security system.
I want to study this because I believe that computers are the leading technology of the future. They are a virtual output that connects the world to the same ideas and spread useful everyday information. Without computers, family members around the world would have a harder time communicating, people could not find out more information about a company via website, and individuals could not check their bank accounts online. Without computers and new age technology, everyday things would be a lot more complicated. Computers will play a role in my future because as a computer science major I will be on a computer everyday throughout my work day. Technology now a days can find out so many things such as other peoples whereabouts, their passwords, their emails to other people and other private information. I can’t wait to create programs and use computers to help catch criminals to make the world a better place.


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