Major Uprisings

A major uprising has recently occurred in Venezuela. Many citizens are unhappy with the economy and the rising crime rate. Fed up people are fighting back to protect their rights. According to Cnn, “Major social and economic problems have fueled the protests. But as the demonstrations gained steam, officials have pointed fingers at other factors and accused the United States of plotting to destabilize the government. (Karimi, F., & Shoichet, C. (2014, 2 21). Venezuela: What’s the crisis about?. Retrieved from It is easy to see why citizens were fed up with the crime rate. “Already one of the most violent places on Earth — a person is murdered every 21 minutes, and there were roughly 24,700 violent deaths last year.” (Essert, M. (2014, February 19). This is what’s happening in venezuela right now. Retrieved from On February 12th 2014, many young people took part in Venezuela’s National Youth Day. Participants would march through every major city in Venezuela including Caracas, Valencia and Merida to fight for their rights. While marching, the military were attacking the youth as if they were armed with guns. Many citizens believe the cause of this opposition movement is “President Nicolas Maduro’s government, which has been running the country into the ground” (Essert, 2014). In this case, I do not believe the media coverage or the use of social media is influencing this movement. The government and security in Venezuela has been extremely strict and has shut down twitter and any news station that is releasing information. (Essert, 2014)

Another uprising is occurring in Syria. This opposition movement started back in 2011. After being crippled by the civil war, many people have died in protests and fights between the President’s government and people who do not want him in charge anymore. (What’s happening in syria and will the violence end?. (2013, December 12). Retrieved from The rebels fighting these battles are in search of democracy and freedom. When it was shown the chemical weapons were being used in the war the United Nations decided to step in. In October 2013, the destruction of chemical weapons began. (“What’s happening in syria,” 2013). The Washington Post stated that, “the Syrian government really overreacted when peaceful protests started in mid-2011, slaughtering civilians unapologetically, which was a big part of how things escalated as quickly as they did.” (Fisher, M. (2013, August 29). 9 questions about syria you were too embarrassed to ask. Retrieved from Syria is much like Venezuela in the fact that in both countries, citizens are being brutally killed and harmed by a government who’s decisions fail to represent its people. However, in this case I do believe the media has influenced the uprising. News casts tend to over exaggerate or announce things that may not be true just to get better ratings.



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