Twitter vs. Instagram

Twitter has many pros and cons regarding world news. A pro of twitter is that it can spread information faster than any other social media. Many people now a days will check twitter rather than reading a newspaper or watching the news to receive information. Social media is a higher news source than the radio. A con to twitter is that it can spread unreliable and false information. If false rumors begin to spread, it could cause panic and chaos. It will also anger citizens because they won’t know what to believe. Another pro is that Law Enforcement uses twitter to catch and prosecute criminal who like to brag about their crimes online. With twitter tracking now enabled, the law enforcement can easily catch criminals especially if they are tagged in a post or picture. Another con of twitter is that it lacks privacy and exposes secret information of businesses and corporations. If you do not change your privacy settings anyone could view your information anytime they want. 

Another popular social media app, Instagram, also has pros and cons regarding world news. The strong filters and effects that can be put on the actual photo can be a pro and a con. More often people will believe what they see rather than what they read or hear. A product could not be visually appealing in person, but the editing on Instagram could fool people into believing it has great aesthetics. On the flip side, the app can offer huge benefits for global organization and artistic production. It can help businesses sell products and increase their profits. Another pro is the photography. If you are interested in something that is happening around the world, you can search it on Instagram and you will receive pictures. It is easy to spread rumors and false information but it is often hard to create a false image to an extent. Someone who sees the picture with their own eyes are more likely to believe the information is true. 



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