Do You Know Who’s Watching You?

To me, any information that you do not feel comfortable sharing to the public, should be considered private. Your address, birth records, social security number, credit card information, and phone number all fall under this category. However, nowadays it is very hard to maintain privacy via the internet. We shop online and hand over our credit card information, we tag our location on social media sites revealing our whereabouts, and we blog, sharing our opinions and beliefs. You hear people say all the time, whatever you put on the internet stays on there forever. They’re right. As soon as something is posted, it is available for everyone to access it. Always set your profile and information to private!


 I believe the government and law enforcement should have the power to look at your published information rather than corporations. If someone broke the law and is considered a criminal, for our safety I think it would be best if the government found out all the information possible to catch them, without abusing their power. The only people who would disagree with me are the ones who have something to hide. If you are comfortable and brave enough to put your personal information on the internet then do not be surprised when someone accesses your information. Ultimately, you have the choice to allow how much people can see by what you decide to post. 


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