A MOOC is an open online class which is available to anyone. “Administrators from dozens of top universities and colleges are scrambling to get on the MOOC train. No wonder; a third of them they think that MOOCs will eventually replace residential campuses.” (Marcus, J. (2013, September 12). Mooks keep getting bigger. but do they work?. Retrieved from “Amid all this rush, no one really knows yet how much people learn in a MOOC. What research does exist shows that the success rate of online education, in general, is poor. And one high-profile experiment with MOOC-style teaching in particular has ended in disappointment.” (Marcus, 2013) A lot of the time students need face to face interactions from a professor or demonstrations. Hands on learning is proven to enhance knowledge better than individually teaching yourself. However, I found CodeAcademy extremely helpful and will continue to use it. Online courses like that is helpful to me because you control the pace. Many times the professor teaches fast and you miss information or don’t understand a topic.

“Sebastian Thurn, founder of Udacity the MOOC provider that started MOOC mania two years ago states that MOOCs are not an effective modality for teaching undergraduate students after all.” (Sebastian thrun: Moocs not effective for undergraduate education after all…. (2013, November 18). Retrieved from During the time he founded Udacity, he believed that MOOC’s would turn into universities and change the 21st century. He believed that he found a “magic formula” for education. Now, after much research and testing, the results were not as good as he hoped. He recently stated,  “I’d aspired to give people a profound education–to teach them something substantial, but the data was at odds with this idea.” (“Sebastian thrun: Moocs,” 2013)



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