is an alternate reality game. It is used to show you just how vulnerable your information is and how if you post your personal information it can be easily accessed. I logged into Facebook to use this and it displayed all of my personal information such as my age, who I am, who I care about, my potential stalkers, liabilities, obsessions, and scapegoats. It posted how they know what makes me tick and when i’m most vulnerable which was Monday nights because of my constant connectivity. It attempted to generate my password and posted photos of me that I was tagged in by my friends. I definitely believe that there might be a more powerful / better functioning example that is coded by professional data miners. If a website can show me this by the click of a button and display all of that information, there is no doubt in my mind that a professional would be able to dig even deeper. This goes to show how just because you set your profile to “private”, your information is definitely not private. This definitely opened my eyes and makes me think about deleting all of my social media profiles. As stated on the website, “Your data casts a digital shadow that grows with every online interaction and can be tracked, monitored, and used against you. Every photo, every email, every purchase. Everything you’ve ever done in the digital world can follow you into the real world. Your actions leave you exposed.”


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